All throughout my adult life, I have been involved and teaching and training others – in some shape or another. I have been engaged in educational activities in a number of different areas involving a variety of learners; from teenagers at the Swedish Family Planning Organisation to mature learners in business environments in UK and Sweden. I have a PostGraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Master level) at Sheffield University and I have been teaching at various universities, colleges and organisations. I am extremely patient and my vast teaching experience has made me sensitive to individual differences among clients.

I am highly skilled at developing training sessions and workshop, and have extensive experience of presenting in front of other people – I have given seminars, workshops and lectures in UK, Europe and US.

Some of the areas in which I have been teaching:

– music psychology

– music and health

– music and gender

– language and cultural knowledge

– critical thinking

– research techniques and design

– presentation skills

– communication skills

– project management