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Totaljobs – The Sound of Productivity

During 2016, I have been working with Totaljobs UK in collaboration with Deezer to produce a music quiz where you can test whether you should listen to music at work and if so what kind of music you might want to listen to.

Read about the science behind music in the workplace.

Read all the results in the full report: The Sound of Productivity Report

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Top 5 reasons why people listen to music at work





Is music the key to happiness at work?

Research indicates that listening to music at work can reduce stress and improve your workday: totaljobs’ new quiz “The Sound of Productivity” can help you decide whether you should listen to music while working.

In an effort to get a deeper understanding of workplace behaviours, totaljobs has teamed up with Dr Anneli Haake and Deezer UK & Ireland to create the interactive quiz “The Sound of Productivity”.

This new personality test analyses music habits and work conditions to provide users with insights into whether or not music could help them be happier and more productive, based on factors from personal taste to work environment and complexity of their job.

People listen to music for 36% of their working week on average, which is more than 13 hours a week. That’s what research by Dr Haake reveals, based on studying 295 participants who worked primarily in computer-based office environments.



Whilst some people find music negatively distracting, her study has shown that employees could successfully complete a variety of different activities while listening to music, including both simpler and more complex tasks. In the workplace, music fulfils a variety of functions, from relaxation to improved creativity and stimulation. In some cases, music can help employees coping with stressful situations, whereas for other people it can help them to control their sound environment and therefore improve concentration and focus.

Dr Haake comments: “Music can have many positive functions at work, and these functions can counteract common stress triggers in the workplace. Viewed from this perspective, listening to music at work can ultimately help organisations and companies; a happy worker is likely to be a more productive one.”

Leading streaming service Deezer UK & Ireland provides quiz takers with custom-made playlists based on their profiles. “Whether your ideal workspace is a peaceful office filled with the sound of Bach, or you need some grime to get you going on a Monday morning, your 9-to-5 is sorted with all your favourite music on Deezer”, said Christian Harris, MD Deezer, UK & Ireland.

Mimouna Mahdaoui of totaljobs, says: “Even among my colleagues, it’s clear that music serves a function during the workday without them even knowing why.

We hope that this quiz will not only reveal why and how a habit of listening to music could make people happier and more efficient at work, but also debunk some myths, as some more traditional organisations might be against the practise.”


About totaljobs

Totaljobs is one of the UK’s leading jobs boards, attracting around 6 million jobseekers every month on the hunt for one of the 110,000 live job ads the site carries at any one time. Totaljobs is part of Totaljobs Group Ltd; the UK’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment company.

About Dr Anneli Haake

Dr Anneli Haake has a PhD from the University in Sheffield in music psychology and works as a consultant and research evaluator. Her doctoral thesis “Music listening in UK offices: Balancing internal needs and external considerations” (2010) was the first ever PhD thesis about music listening in office environments. She has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the BBC and The Guardian. Anneli’s work supports charities, councils, the NHS, universities, and the music industry, as well as organisations interested in the role of music at work. She has recently worked on projects focussing on music listening in offices and the impact of music in healthcare settings.

About Deezer

Deezer is the first truly worldwide digital music streaming service. It is in more than 180 countries, with more than 6 million subscribers worldwide. Deezer is at the forefront of a music revolution, allowing fans instant access to the largest streaming music catalogue in the world, with more than 40 million tracks and 40,000 podcasts on any device. Combining the best of man and machine, Deezer’s global editorial team searches for the best music around the world and its algorithmic recommendations help fans discover music they will truly love. Deezer is available on your favourite device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, home sound system, connected car or smart TV.

Launched in 2007, Deezer is a privately held company headquartered in Paris with offices in London, San Francisco and around the world. Deezer is currently available as a free download for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices or on the web at For the latest news on Deezer, go to

Notes to editors:

The quiz was built with help from Dr Anneli Haake and her 2010 research “Music listening in offices: Balancing internal needs and external considerations” (Doctoral thesis, University of Sheffield, Sheffield).

For further details on the content and methodology of the quiz, please contact Mimouna Mahdaoui at


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