Music in Health Care Settings

Kids’ Classics, Ireland

During the spring of 2015, I worked together with Kids’ Classics in Dublin, Ireland, to evaluate their music activities in children’s health care settings.

Kids’ Classics is an Irish not-for-profit organisation that delivers music making opportunities in educational, healthcare and community settings. The report will present an evaluation study of the perceived impact of their music activities in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin (OLCHC), in Dublin, Ireland. The evaluation is based on quantitative and qualitative empirical data collected during four evaluation visits, through surveys, interviews, a focus group and observations, with data from children, parents and staff at the hospital, and the musicians involved in the programme.

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October 2015 – Evaluation results launch in Dublin. Press release.

Read the full report here.

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July 2015 – Evaluation report completed. Due to be made available in the autumn.

June 2015 – Fourth observation visit completed. Report writing starting.

May 2015 – Third observation visit completed.

April 2015 – Second observation visit completed. More surveys and interview data collected.

April 2015 – First observation visit completed. First round of surveys handed out and collected.


OPUS Music CIC, England

In 2013-2014, I evaluated the Music in Health Care Settings project by OPUS Music in the East Midlands. The project highlights the place of the arts within the healthcare sector. Opus Music aims to create musical interactions for patients (children and young people), their visitors and staff in acute healthcare settings across the East Midlands to the benefit of their musical development, health and wellbeing. They also aim to support the development of a regional workforce of skilled practitioners to deliver this practice.

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The project has been funded by Youth Music, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham Hospitals Charity, Derby Hospitals Charity, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Leicester City Council, and ran until March 2014.

The evaluation includes a documentary film, reports and a poster:

The full 24 min film:

5 min teaser:

1 min teaser:

Summary report


Academic style report


A1-poster illustrating the summary of the evaluation




February 2014 – Evaluation completed.

September 2013 – Data collection finished, report writing in progress. More updates via the blog.

Evaluation tools have been developed and “in situ” data collection will begin in the middle of March 2013.

Some feedback forms already in use
Some feedback forms already in use


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