Kids’ Classics Evaluation

I wanted to mention my latest music and health venture, a very exciting evaluation project I am currently working on, together with Kids’ Classics in Dublin, Ireland. I am evaluating their music activities in children’s health care settings. Evaluation is taking place April-June 2015 at Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin in Dublin, a report is due later in 2015.

The evaluation includes gathering of quantitative and qualitative data from patients, parents/carers and staff, focusing on the impact that the music activities have in this setting.

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Kids’ Classics is the brainchild of professional cellist Grainne Hope who aspired to take music off the concert stage and into local communities through professionally tailored music workshops in 2009. Its core mission is to provide access to high quality participative music and creative performance opportunities to everyone in society regardless of their social, economic or medical circumstances. Their aims are

  • To deliver professional music into paediatric settings with the aim of providing opportunities for access to and participation in music for a wide range of children, particularly those for whom such opportunities are currently limited;
  • To offer activities which provide distraction and promote relaxation through the presence of music and the opportunity to engage with music for patients undergoing stressful treatment;
  • To create an atmosphere within paediatric settings which can promote social interaction and communication between patients, family members and staff;
  • To enable best practice delivery of music activities by professional musicians and provide training and support to musicians working in paediatric settings;
  • To sustain and grow Kids’ Classics as an organisation able to effectively deliver its programme of activities to an excellent standard within a wider range of healthcare settings across Ireland.


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