Why do projects need evaluation?

Some answers may be:

– to identify the outcomes of your work (may be both intended and unintended)

– to reflect on your practices

– to gather evidence of your achievements and lessons learnt

– to make sure that the project can be replicated

– to assess whether you are reaching your targets

– to report back to funders on the effectiveness of your project (and maybe even secure further funding)

– to feel more confident that you are actually delivering an effective project

Some may think of evaluation as simply a survey at the end of the project, but evaluation is the strongest and most useful when it has been built into the design of the project  – ideally from the beginning. This allows for exploring the change that occurs through the life time of your project. Maybe you want something to increase, decrease, or develop as a result of your project – basically, you want it to make a difference. Evaluation is the key to demonstrate that you have made a difference!

With my extensive research training and experience (PhD, charity evaluation research training), I can help you to build evaluation tools and approaches into your project. I can carry out data collection, evaluation and report writing for you, or advise on how to.