Kids’ Classics evaluation report now available

The evaluation has officially been launched, read the full report here. From press release 20 Oct 2015: The findings of an independent report commissioned by the National Concert Hall and The Community Foundation for Ireland are being launched today, Tuesday 20 October at the National Concert Hall. The report evaluates the impact of a programme of live music in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, delivered … Continue reading Kids’ Classics evaluation report now available

Kids’ Classics Evaluation

I wanted to mention my latest music and health venture, a very exciting evaluation project I am currently working on, together with Kids’ Classics in Dublin, Ireland. I am evaluating their music activities in children’s health care settings. Evaluation is taking place April-June 2015 at Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin in Dublin, a report is due later in 2015. The evaluation includes gathering of quantitative and qualitative data from … Continue reading Kids’ Classics Evaluation

Effects of music in children’s hospitals

How many children are in hospital in the UK, and what are the effects of hospitalisation in children? Can music help children in hospitals, and if so – how? 20% of children in the UK attend accident and emergency departments at some point in their lives. 700,000 children have at least one overnight stay, and 300,000 attend for day surgery (University of Salford 2012). There … Continue reading Effects of music in children’s hospitals

Music in hospital film is spreading

I am immensely proud to see that the film I made last year about OPUS Music’s work in children’s hospitals is spreading over the internet. I filmed and edited the film during the course of an evaluation research project that I had designed to assess the impact of their music activities in hospitals. Please do pass the film on to anyone who might be interested, … Continue reading Music in hospital film is spreading


Music in hospitals – precious moments

Here are some of the many pictures I took as a part of the documentation and evaluation of OPUS Music CIC‘s activities in hospitals. OPUS have a specialism in taking music into healthcare settings, and I was very fortunate to be able work as an Evaluation Consultant for them last year, and I went with them on many of their music rounds in Queen’s Medical … Continue reading Music in hospitals – precious moments

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Effects of music in hospitals

Can music in hospital settings be beneficial? What kinds of beneficial effects can music have in this context? In general, music has been reported as beneficial in healthcare settings. Listening to music can have positive effects in particular areas of hospitals according to a report. Those areas were: Neonatal care (significant improvement in clinical and behavioural states, reducing the length of stay in hospital) Cancer care (reducing … Continue reading Effects of music in hospitals

4 types of music in hospitals activities

Live music in hospitals in America and Europe has increased over the last 10 years, and it is possible to distinguish different types of music making activities in health care settings. 1) Bedside Music Bedside music in particular is described as a regular, long-term intervention. Musicians “make rounds” and play in schoolrooms, wards and individual cubicles. The music events can be performances, but they are … Continue reading 4 types of music in hospitals activities